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Does your unit Scout for Food every March? Maybe, your unit has never heard of Scouting for Food. Well, let me tell you about it, for those of you who don’t know. Every year in March, our council goes scouting for food for local food banks and charities. Scouting for Food is a national program, however other councils do it at other times during the year, such as November and December.

Scouting for Food happens on two consecutive weekends. The first weekend you leave a door hanger on the door of your local neighborhood homes. The second weekend you collect the food that was left for your Scouting for Food project. The door hanger you leave at these homes, asks your neighbors to fill a bag or box of non-perishable food items on their front steps for the scouts to pick up and donate to their local food shelf.

This is just one of the many ways scouts do a good turn and ask their neighbors to assist in the good turn.

Some of our units across our council already have an established plan to how they carry this out. Those of you who don’t, you are more then welcome to download this pre-made sheet of door hangers (Just click on the image below to download.) There are 3 to a sheet on a normal sized sheet of paper. I highly recommend you print them on cardstock, cut out the circle and cut on the line so you can easily slide these on to the door knobs/handles. There is a place on the door hanger to leave the date/time you will be back to pick up the donations.

Remember to have your scouts in full uniform when placing the door hangers on doors as well as when they are picking up donations.